All Cult Cycling designed Bike Parks (including the Toyota MTN Cycle Park) use the International Moutain Bike Association (IMBA) trail colour coding system used in Bike Parks all over the world (except the UK where they insist on adding in other funny colours borrowed from Ski Parks, but what do you xpect from a bunch of hooligans that still insist on measuring in pounds and stone).

Fast and flowing Single Track or Jeep Track suitable for new riders in the Bike Park environment, or for experienced riders going "flat box", but remember the rider in front "owns the trail" and no harrassment of new riders or children will ever be veiwed as cool or funny.

Intermediate riders who have MASTERED all Geen Routes. This does not mean you have managed to complete all Green Routes once and only had to carry your bike a few times. If you touched the ground or your brakes in a Green then keep practising before trying a Blue.

Black(Diamond): Expert Riders Only. These are not hiking trails. If you cant ride it, you wont be able to walk it either. Special Equipment like a full face helmet, body armor, elbow and knee protectors is well as riding talent that is aquired over decades. "If in doubt, stay out" applies to all Black Routes. No harrassment of Experts by new riders and children will be thought well of either.

Double Black Diamond(Out of Category):
For those who are disturbed, have had traumatic childhoods and are in therapy, want to commit suicide by Mountainbike...well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

You will notice that the entrance signs have a numerical value too. these range from 1 - 5, 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest.

This means that Out of Category trails aside, Green 1 is the easiest trail and Black 5 is the most challenging.