It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old and just wanting to show mum how cool you are, or want to support your family members who ride (and catch sight of the winged gods that race professionally and make it all look “oh so easy”) whilst having a great day out, or if you want to throw your hat in the ring with your riding buddies…XC RACING IS FOR YOU.

Cross Country (XC) is the only mountain bike discipline that is an Olympic Sport. It is short and super exciting for spectators and riders alike.



These are the Super  Heroes of the future. Boys and Girls race together and they are all 10 years of age or less. The Nippers have their own special race track that begins at Start/Finish Banner on the Main Drag at the bottom of the grassy slope outside the Clubhouse. The dare-devils will zoom into Organ Grinder from there utilizing a specially bunted course for the event, and exiting onto the Main Drag again next to the Entrance to Anti Gravity Zone. From there they will circle back round to the Start/Finish area. This short loop is entirely in the view of parents (clapping and cheering please) and a special dispensation from the MTB College of Commisaires (the Rule Enforcers) will allow parents to assist their kids who are too little to pick their bike up after a fall or need a hug and some encouragement (providing parents don’t occupy the actual racing course but rather help from next to the track). Riders can expect to be on the track for 30 minutes. The Start time is 08:00. Medals and certificates will be distributed immediately after the race.


Boys and Girls race together in this category too, and are aged 11 and 12 years. These riders will also have their own special course, which is visible (but not accessible to pedestrians) from the area surrounding the Clubhouse. The action will begin at the Start/Finish Banner and head into Rust Preventer, utilizing the chicken runs that bypass the big climbs onto the banks, and heading via the mini BMX track to the exit on the Main Drag. From there its back down to the exit of Anti Gravity Zone via the Main Drag and round the back of the BMX start Mound and back up to the Start/Finish. Riders will be on the track approximately 50 minutes, and whilst there is no pedestrian access, the Sport Rider adults will be racing with the Sprogs, and mums and dads often follow their little ones by bike to encourage them in their first couple of races. Start time is 08:45. Medals and certificates will be distributed immediately after the race.

Sprogs and Nippers will race for Provincial Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. All finishers will receive a Certificate of Completion. Entry is R50 (including the Sport category)


Make no mistake, things get serious (serious fun!!) from this point forward. The course used for the Juniors through to Decrepit Ancients (Grand Masters) has a mix of everything from steep descents, leg tearing power climbs, big fast berms and twisty single track through forest. Each Lap is 5.87 km long and has 129 meters of climbing. The field is split by gender. The men don’t start till the women finish. Both men and women are divided up by age.

WOMENS CAT   AGE                       LAPS                      START TIME

Sub Junior            13 and 14             1                              10:10

Youth                   15 and 16             2                              10:08

Junior                   17 and 18             3                              10:06

U23                     19 – 22                  5                              10:00

Elite                    23 -29                    5                              10:00

Sub Vets              30 – 39                 4                              10:02

Vets                    40 – 49                  4                              10:04

Masters              50 – 59                  2                              10:08

Grand Masters  60+                         1                              10:10


MENS CAT           AGE                       LAPS                      START TIME

Sub Junior           13 and 14                 3                              13:12

Youth                  15 and 16                 4                              13:10

Junior                  17 and 18                 5                              13:06

U23                     19 – 22                     7                              13:00

Elite                    23 -29                       7                              13:00

Sub Vets             30 – 39                     6                              13:02

Vets                    40 – 49                     5                              13:04

Masters              50 – 59                    4                              13:08

Grand Masters   60+                           3                              13:12

The initial start will take place at the finish line of the BMX Track, circling around the back of the BMX Start Mound and heading for a mad dash up to the Start/Finish Banner for the lap count to start. From there it will be straight into Drop Zone, taking the 2nd split from the right where the trail goes over the drop. This will take racers into a high speed berm section and into Wetlands, exiting on the perimeter road near the Spruitt.

From there it’s a climb up the perimeter road to the entrance of Green Mile. The good news is that Green Mile is all down hill. From there you head into the EXIT of Cork Screw for a twisty climb before a high speed descent down the perimeter road new to the N1. The Tunnel under the highway will be split down the middle (keep right) and lead racers into Ewok, and from there around the far northern perimeter road to the entrance of (the much talked about) Angle Grinder.

The exit of Angle Grinder is at the beginning of the Perimeter Bridge that will take racers back under the tunnel and into the EXIT of Wetlands, ultimately leading through a sharp bend into Canyon and back to the perimeter road so that they can breath deep before the turn that will lead everyone into the entrance of Space Junk. The route through Space Junk will finally put you back onto the perimeter road at the lower Exit. This will leave two leg searing power climbs (short and nasty) past the exit to Anti Gravity and back to the Start/Finish Banner…for one lap.

Entries are open online at R70, or on the day at R90. Provincial Medals will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and series points accumulated.

The course will be bunted for practice each Friday morning leading up to the race day (28th June) from 6:00 AM TILL 9:00 AM and Saturday the 27th from 2:00pm till close. During these practice times the BMX track will remain open, but all other mtb trails will be closed. Race day the Toyota MTN Cycle Park will close till the end of racing (approx 3.30 pm) .